Roof Mount

Solar panels can be mounted on a variety of roofs.  40 degree roof angle is best for year round collection of solar energy in our northern climate, but we can accommodate any angle. 
We suggest this type of mount if your roof has a clear or mostly clear view of the south sky.  Our shading analysis can tell us how much sun your roof gets throughout the year.
We can mount panels on your house, barn, shed, or any other building you have on your property.
We mount on shingles, metal roofs, and many other styles as well. 

Ground Mount

Solar panels can be mounted on a ground frame system. Many roofs may not be large enough for the solar array.  Ground mounts allow for more panels and access to the panels for cleaning snow off in northern climates.  We also offer a tilting rack for ground mounts that gives you an optimal angle to the sun in both summer and winter months.