Solar Systems

We offer two types of systems.    

Battery bank systems will be off grid and you will store all your power on your property.  

Grid tied systems will be connected to the local power grid and will give you credit on your electric bill.


Our goal is to have your electric bill go down to $0 per month.

We also offer two types of mounts to hold your

solar panels.

Roof Mounts are attached directly to your roof.  We can mount panels on almost any type of roof on most styles of buildings.

Ground Mounts are better for homes that do not get enough sun, or that do not have a roof facing the south, but have room elsewhere on the property that has more sunlight. 

Steps to Having Your Own Solar System

1. Give us a call! 

716.483.6123  We can talk about what you're looking for and how we can help you get it.

2. Shade analysis. 

We will make a trip out to your location and do a shading analysis to see if solar is right for you and how much energy your system would produce at different times of the day and year.

3. Design your custom system. 

We will design a custom solar system, either roof mount or ground mount to meet your specific and unique needs.

4. Start building! 

Our crew will start working right away on your brand new solar system! 

Roof Mount
Ground Mount
Shade Analysis